Rimfire Benchrest Association

~ Match Director's Tools ~

Below are the Downloads - Just Save them to your Documents Folder.

Version 7  - DTD 9/10/09  -  is the latest version of the Scoring Program.

It makes it easy to print an award certificate for the top 3 shooters in each class.
You can also now also do Custom Awards with a click or two
For a screen shot click on the Award Certificate button.
Another nice feature in this version is that you can now move your Shooters and
their Equipment from an older version to the new versions.  This will save you a
lot of time when a updated version of my Scoring Programs come out.

In the past it would take days to compile the RBA "Standings".
Since all the Clubs were using the Results Email I figured it was time to see what excel could do.
The final product was a small excel program that could do it in one minute.
Then when some Clubs expressed an interested in setting up their own
database using the Results Email I already had a basic program to work from.
The only problem was could I make it user friendly for someone
who knows very little about excel and spreadsheets?
Below is a link to the first version of this program. 
I am sure it needs some tweaking but it might be just what you are looking for.

I am always open to new ideas on how to improve this program.

Combo match the program will automatically report it as two matches.

I also created a new Match Registration and Sign-In sheet.
Once a club has a Current Match Registration on file for a shooter than all that is needed for a match is a Signature on the Sign-In sheet.  This eliminates always having to fill in address, equipment etc for every match.

Feel free to contact me at any time if you have any ideas or need help with any of my programs.

~ 7/12/09 ~