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Thanks to Greg Cooper  I was able to recover  the Shooter's scores from 2001 thru 2005.
Greg's Data base for these years was hand copied from match results that were mailed in so there are some errors.

The "Scores 2006 thru Present" is a separate database for all the match results from 2006 to Present.

The Search Form for 'Scores'  is very versatile.  You can sort on a 'First Last' name as well as just 'Last' or 'First'.  Sometimes using just 'First' or 'Last' you can find some additional scores  that you would have normally missed because the match director spelled your name wrong!  UGH ! 
The data bases are large so if you have a slow Internet connection it could take a minute or two if your search is too broad.
Also if a lot of people are searching the scores it might take awhile for the results to show. 
If something is not working right It would appreciated if you would would get hold of me and describe the problem.  It works great on my computer but that does not mean it will work for everyone.
The Search Form for 'Scores'  is very versatile. 
Click here for "Instructions" and some hints on searching!

If you get a Server Error then check back later because Wilbur or I are probably making some changes.

I would like to thank Wilbur for helping me recover this data.
I am struggling to bring these pages up to current HTML standards so bear with me!