Search Form - Instructions

The Search Form on 'Scores' is very versatile.  It handles partial matches very well.
You can search on just 'Last' or a 'First' name or even initials with a space between them.
This is useful in the cases where the Match Director spelled your name wrong.  UGH!
Once you do a search and see what results are brought up you can then refine it to just get the scores you want.

For Example:
Entering bob brought up all the first and last names with bob in them.
Entering bob c brought up all the Bob's whose last name began with a "C"
Entering bob col brought up all the  Bob's whose last name began with a "Col"

Sometimes using back on your 'Browser' rather than the link at the top will work better. Especially if you are trying to do a search on a Name and something else like a  Score or Equip.  First search on the name.  Once you find the name you want then then use your browser to go back.  Now just put in a score and Produce Report.

If you have a slow internet connection or a lot of people are searching the scores it might take awhile for the results to show.  If something is not working right It would appreciated if you would would get hold of me and describe the problem.  It works great on my computer but that does not mean it will work for everyone.
If you get a Server Error then I am probably making some changes.